Conversation (Ungkapan Umum)


Ways to say

Possible Responses




Apa kabar? (belum kenal) How do you do? How do you do? Nice to meet you.


Apa kabar? (sudah kenal) How are you? Fine, thanks
How are you doing? Just fine, thank you
How’s life? Very well
How have you been? OK
How’s everything with you? Very good


Sampai Jumpa lagi Cheerio Bye now
Good bye Bye
See you tomorrow Good bye
See you later See you


Siapa namamu? What is your name? My name is Alex


Apa Margamu? What is your last name? It’s Sinaga
What is your family name? My family name is Simanjuntak.
What is your surname?  


Apa nama depanmu? What is your first name? It’s Alex


Bagaimana mengeja namamu? How do you spell your name? A-L-E-X


Apa nama panggilanmu? What is your nickname? It’s Alex
What do people call you? You can call me Alex.


Dimana kamu tinggal? Where do you live? I live in Medan
What is your address? I live on Jl. Salak
I live at No. 12 B Jl. Salak


Berapa Nomor Teleponmu? What is your telephone number? It is 8770111 (eight, double seven, Ou, triple one)


Dimana kamu sekolah? Where do you study? I study at SMU 4 Medan
Where do you go to school? I go to SMU 4 Medan


Boleh minta kartu nama Anda? May I have your business card? Yes, here you are.


Asal Anda darimana? Where are you from? I am from Indonesia
Where do you came from? I come from Medan


Medan dimananya? Where do you come from in Medan? I come from Sunggal in Medan


Apa pekerjaanmu? What do you do? I am a student
What is your occupation? I am a businessman. I work for a bank.


Dimana kamu dilahirkan? Where were you born? I was born in Medan


Kapan kamu dilahirkan? When were you born? I was born on January 5, 1975


Berapa kamu sekeluarga? How many brothers and sisters do you have? I have two brothers and one sister.


Berapa usiamu? How old are you? I am thirty-one years old.


Apa ciri-ciri ayahmu? What does your father look like? He is quite tall, handsome and rather short
He has a moustache, curly hair and black hair.


Berapa tinggi ayahmu? How tall is your father? He is quite tall. He is about 1.7 meters


Berapa berat badanmu? How much do you weigh? I weigh about 63 kilograms.
How much is your weight? I weigh about 126 Lbs.


Apa jenis rambutnya? What kind of hair does he have? She has (curly, straight, wavy) hair.


Bolehkah saya pinjam penamu? May I borrow your pen? Yes, (help yourself, sure, certainly, all right, of course)
Do you mind if I use your pen? Sure
Do you mind lending me your pen? Certainly
Would you like to lend me your pen? All right
Would you mind lending me your pen? Of course.

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