Prepositions – Perbedaan Penggunaan

1. In case of – In the case of

  1. In case of = Ketika ada

® In case of emergency, please dial 911!

  1. In the case of = Tentang, bicara soal

® The teacher said the essays were mostly very good, but in the case of Jane’s and Tom’s, there was still much room for improvement.

2. In (the) face of – On the face of

  1. In (the) face of = Dengan adanya

® He can’t possibly win in the face of such difficulties.

  1. On the face of = Menilai dari penampilannya yang nampak

® On the face of the results, the examination must have been too difficult.

3. In favor of – In favor with

  1. In favor of = Mendukung

® Over half the members voted in favor of the suggestion.

  1. In favor with = Disukai oleh

® You can’t expect to be in favor with Susan if you are always criticizing her.

4. For fear of – In fear of

  1. For fear of = Karena takut dengan

® I never carry a large sum of money with me for fear of losing it.

  1. In fear of =Khawatir akan keselamatan seseorang

® He ran in fear of his life when he heard the shots.

5. By the name of – In the name of

  1. By the name of = Yang bernama

® A man by the name of Johnson called this morning.

  1. In the name of = Atas nama

® Stop in the name of law!

6. At the point of – On the point of

  1. At the point of = Mendekati (satu keadaan)

® The old man is at the point of death.

  1. On the point of = Hampir (melakukan sesuatu)

® I was on the point of going to bed when the telephone rang.

7. In possession of – In the possession of

  1. In possession of = Memiliki, mempunyai sesuatu

® I am not in possession of all the details, so I can’t give my valid opinion of the matter.

  1. In the possession of = Kepunyaan seseorang.

® The documents have been in the possession of the British Museum for fifty years.

8. In/With regard to – Out of regard for

  1. In/With regard to = Menurut, tentang

® With regard to the safety of the operation, I have the following measures to propose.

  1. Out of regard for = Berdasarkan, setelah mempertimbangkan

® Out of regard for your work, I am recommending you for promotion.

9. In respect of – With respect to

  1. In respect of = Menurut, tentang

® In respect of social improvement the government’s policy is sound, but is disregards the grave need for economic improvement.

  1. With respect to = Berdasarkan (referensi)

® With respect to your request for a salary rise, a final decision will be taken by the management next week.

10. At the sight of – In the sight of

  1. At the sight of = Ketika melihat

® She burst out laughing at the sight of his new haircut.

  1. In the sight of = Berdasarkan sudut pandang

® From a moral point of view, his conduct is understandable and even excusable, but in the sight of the law he is guilty of slander.

11. At the time of – in time of

  1. At the time of = Pada waktu tertentu, pada saat.

® I was in India at the time of my mother’s death.

  1. In time of = Selama

® In time of need one is thankful for a small comforts.

12. In view of – with a view to

  1. In view of = Menurut, tentang, berdasarkan

® In view of his recent successes, Jones has been asked to stand for the next election.

  1. With a view to = Dengan penekanan atau tujuan tertentu

® He has bought the old house with a view to renovating it and selling it at a profit.

13. For/From want of – in want of

  1. For/From want of = Karena kekurangan

® Many crops and trees have already died from want of rain.

  1. In want of = Membutuhkan

® I am badly in want of a pair of new shoes, but I have no time at the moment to go out and buy them!


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