Kamus Singkatan

AAI =  Indonesian Advocates’ Association

ABRI = Indonesian Armed Forces

AD = Statutes (Anggaran Dasar)

ADRI = Indonesian Army

AKABRI = Armed Forces Academy

ALRI = Indonesian Navy

AMDAL = The Environmental Impact Analysis

ANTARA = National News Agency

APBN = State Budget

APHI = Association of Indonesian Forest Concessionaires

APINDO = Indonesian Employers Association

ASI = Mother’s milk

ASKES = State-owned Health Insurance Company

ASTEK = State insurance program

AURI = Indonesian Air Force

BAKORNAS = National Disaster Management Coordination Board

BAKORSTANAS = Agency for the Coordination of Support for the Development of National Stability

BAPEDAL = Environmental Impact Management Agency

BPK = Supreme Audit Body

BAPEDALDA = Regional Environmental Impact Management Agency

BAPEPAM = Capital Market Supervisory Agency

BAPPEDA = Regional/City’s Development Planning Board

BAPPENAS = National Development Planning Board

BIN = National Intelligence Agency

BKKBN = National Family Planning Board

BKPM = Investment Coordinating Board

BLBI = Bank Indonesia’s Liquidity Support

BMG = Meteorology and Geophysics Agency

BPD = Regional Development Bank

BPKB = Ownership Certificate of Vehicles

BPN = National Land Agency

BPS = Central Bureau of Statistics

BRIMOB = Police Mobile Brigade

BULOG = State Logistics Agency

BUMN = State-owned enterprises

DAMRI = State-run bus company

DPR = House of Representatives

DPRD I = Provincial Legislative Council for provinces

DPRD II = Regional Legislative Council for provinces, City Council

EYD = Official Spelling System

FORKI = Indonesian Karate Federation

GAPENSI = Indonesian Builders Association

GBHN = State Policy Guidelines

GEGANA = Special Action Unit of bomb squad

HPH = Forest Concession Right

ICMI = Association of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals

IDI = Indonesian Doctors Association

IMB = Building permits

IPHI = Association of Indonesian Lawyers

KADIN = Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

KAMMI = Indonesian Muslim Students Action Front

KKN = Corruption Practices

KNPI = Indonesian National Youth Committee

KODAM = Regional Military Command

KODIM = District military command

KONI = National Sports Council

KONTRAS = Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence

KOPASSUS = The Army’s Special Force

KORAMIL = Military Headquarters at the ward level

KOREM = Military command post

KORPRI = Indonesian Civil Servants Corps

KOSTRAD = Army Strategic Reserves Command

KOWANI = Indonesian Women’s Congress

KPK = Corruption Eradication Commission

KPLP = Indonesian Coast and Sea Guard Unit

KTP = Identity Card

KUD = Village cooperatives

KUHAP = Criminal Code Procedures

KUHP = Criminal Code

KPU = General Elections Commission

LBH = Legal Aid Institute

LIPI = National Institute of Sciences

MA = Supreme Justice

MABES = Headquarters

MPR = People’s Consultative Assembly

MUNAS = National Deliberative Council

NRP = Soldier’s Registration Number

ONH = Hajj pilgrimage fund

ORGANDA = Organization of Land Transportation Owners

ORMAS = Mass organizations

OTK = Unidentified Person

PAD = Real Regional Income

PANGDAM = Territorial Military Commander

PASPAMPRES = Presidential Security Detail

PBSI = Badminton Association of Indonesia

PBVSI = Indonesian Volleyball Association

PDAM = Municipal Waterworks

PELNI = National Shipping Lines

PERBANAS = Federation of Private Domestic Banks

PERBASI = Indonesian Basketball Association

PERCASI = Indonesian Chess Association

PERMEN = Ministerial Regulation

PERTAMINA = State-owned oil Company

PERUM = State company

PERUMKA = State railway company

PERUMNAS = State Housing Company

PERUMTEL = National Telephone and Telegraph Corporation

PERURI = State-owned securities paper and bank note printing company

PGRI = Indonesian Teachers Union

PLN = State-owned electricity company

PMA = Foreign Investment

PMDN = Domestic Investment

PMI = Indonesian Red Cross

POLRES = Resort Police

POLRI = National Police

POLTABES = Regional Police

PON = National Games

POSKO = Ads-hoc displaced coordination structures

PPS = Polling Committee

PSSI = All Indonesian Football Federation

PTPN = State plantation company

PWI = Indonesian Journalists Association

RESKRIM = Criminal investigation bureau

RT = Neighborhood unit

RW = Community unit

RUU = Law draft

SARA = Tribal affiliations, religion, race and societal groups

SANGSAKA = The first Indonesian flag

SATKORLAK = coordination mechanism for disaster

SEMBAKO = The nine basic commodities

SESKO = Staff and command colleges

SESKOAD = Army Staff and Command School

SIDAK = Surprise inspection

SPSI = All-Indonesia Workers Union

TABANAS = Saving for national Development

THR = Bonus received near religion holy days

TKI = Indonesian Blue-collar workers

TKW = Female Workers

TNI = Indonesian National Army

TPS = Poll

UGD = Intensive Care Unit

UUD = Constitution

WALHI = Indonesian Forum for Environment

WIB = Indonesian Western Time Zone

WIT = Indonesian Eastern Time Zone

WITA = Indonesian Central Time Zone

WTS = Prostitute

YLKI = Indonesian Consumers Foundation



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