Zero Infinitives

Zero infinitive digunakan:

  1. Setelah Modal Auxiliary (must, can, should, may, might)
  2. Setelah kata kerja Persepsi (see, hear, feel) Rumus: verb + object + zero infinitive
  3. Setelah Kata kerja ‘make’ dan‘let’, Rumus: make/let + object + zero infinitive
  4. Setelah ‘had better’

1. Setelah Modal Auxiliary:

  • She can’t speak to you.
  • He should give her some money.
  • Shall I talk to him?
  • Would you like a cup of coffee?
  • I might stay another night in the hotel.
  • They must leave before 10.00 a.m.

2. Setelah Kata kerja Persepsi:

  • He saw her fall from the cliff.
  • We heard them close the door.
  • They saw us walk toward the lake.
  • She felt the spider crawl up her leg.

3. Setelah kata kerja ‘make’ dan ‘let’:

  • Her parents let her stay out late.
  • Let’s go to the cinema tonight.
  • You made me love you.
  • Don’t make me study that boring grammar book!

Catatan: to-infinitive harus digunakan jika make dipakai dalam bentuk passive voice:

  • I am made to sweep the floor every day.
  • She was made to eat fish even though she hated it.

4. Setelah ‘had better’:

We had better take some warm clothing.
She had better ask him not to come.
You‘d better not smile at a crocodile!
We had better reserve a room in the hotel.
You‘d better give me your address.
They had better work harder on their grammar!


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